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School, two days a week!

So although I'm back at school now, I'm still hardly going seeing as the system enjoys putting lots of other stuff in over class time. Which is fine, easy does it. Tomorrow is swimming sports, which I shall gleefully wag, then Wednesday happens to be a public holiday (Not really the school's fault but hey), Thursday is school again, and then Friday I have doctor's appointments all day (Also not the school's fault. Hm.). However, these breaks between school give me far more time to procrastinate my portraiture analysis for photography and art, and more time to pursue my writing! Which I tend to heartlessly abandon when I'm stressed. and also to go over and think about my opinions of my teachers and fellow students. Urgh. Fellow students. That still rankles.

My English teacher, Mrs S: she's quite lovely, a little scatter brained sometimes but seems to know what she's doing, plus she seems to like me, so, so, so. BUT, the one thing I just cannot get over her is that she looks like a Slitheen from Doctor Who! And I'm not being mean, honest, it's just that her nose is so teeny tiny and her glasses make her eyes looks really big! Plus she has a wee pouty mouth.
     The class: I don't actually actively dislike anyone in this class, and they all work nicely. Three of my good friends sit next to me, over all, good class.

History, Mr C: Again, lovely, not entirely sure how he'd react to being called lovely but it is what it is. He's very young, but quite focused and good at what he does. Also, half the female population of the school have huge teacher crushes on him. I have a teacher crush on his stubble and abs, to tell the blatant truth, but he looks somewhat like my uncle and that reaally puts me off. Which is probably a good thing seeing as teacher crushes are rarely advisable. Actually scratch that, not at all a good idea.
     The class: I don't know exactly what I think of this class yet. Three of my friends are in it, again, which is nice, plus I yet again don't really dislike anyone, so, so, so

Ohh Classics with Miss B! She's a sweetheart. Also quite young. Knows her stuff, gets really excited about it, tells us all the good parts. Whispers that she thinks the historian Arrian definitely had a man crush on Alexander the Great. Plus in my first year at THS she was my English teacher and my History teacher, so we know each other quite well!
     The class: I'm of the opinion that half the boys are only in this class because Miss B has the BIGGEST BOOBS. Another of the boys I think is in the class because he still likes me, despite my dumping him. Which is somewhat awkward. Apart from the frankly suspicious boys, everyone else seems all right really. Except one girl, who I dislike, quite stupidly I realise, because she's just...ugh

Art run under the grumpy handling of Mr R: is delightful. He can be super grumpy, but seeing as it's never been directed at me all I really get from him is a sense of 'yay art time!'. He's clever, tells stupid jokes and references fantastic movies/books, and really helps me out in class when I need it. (If I was to have an actual teacher crush it would've been him.) 
     The class: is probably my favourite! Despite there being none of my really close friends in it. Everyone is really nice in it, even though in other classes they can be terrible

Photography is more fun with Miss F! Who is also a sweetheart, and I struggle to not call her by her first name. She's hot off the press, straight from uni (almost) and reaaaally enthusiastic! Encourages my ideas and helps build them up. She also wears pretty chic clothing and does fantastic pieces of art work. 
     The class: Is almost the exact crowd from Art! Well. Almostish. I feel less at home with them, and I do dislike a couple of them, but seeing as they sit across the room from me, I'm fine

Anyway. My tumblr page has been sitting open for the last ten minutes or so, and it's really calling me, so I shall wrap it up here and hopefully will write again soon!