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School, two days a week!

So although I'm back at school now, I'm still hardly going seeing as the system enjoys putting lots of other stuff in over class time. Which is fine, easy does it. Tomorrow is swimming sports, which I shall gleefully wag, then Wednesday happens to be a public holiday (Not really the school's fault but hey), Thursday is school again, and then Friday I have doctor's appointments all day (Also not the school's fault. Hm.). However, these breaks between school give me far more time to procrastinate my portraiture analysis for photography and art, and more time to pursue my writing! Which I tend to heartlessly abandon when I'm stressed. and also to go over and think about my opinions of my teachers and fellow students. Urgh. Fellow students. That still rankles.

My English teacher, Mrs S: she's quite lovely, a little scatter brained sometimes but seems to know what she's doing, plus she seems to like me, so, so, so. BUT, the one thing I just cannot get over her is that she looks like a Slitheen from Doctor Who! And I'm not being mean, honest, it's just that her nose is so teeny tiny and her glasses make her eyes looks really big! Plus she has a wee pouty mouth.
     The class: I don't actually actively dislike anyone in this class, and they all work nicely. Three of my good friends sit next to me, over all, good class.

History, Mr C: Again, lovely, not entirely sure how he'd react to being called lovely but it is what it is. He's very young, but quite focused and good at what he does. Also, half the female population of the school have huge teacher crushes on him. I have a teacher crush on his stubble and abs, to tell the blatant truth, but he looks somewhat like my uncle and that reaally puts me off. Which is probably a good thing seeing as teacher crushes are rarely advisable. Actually scratch that, not at all a good idea.
     The class: I don't know exactly what I think of this class yet. Three of my friends are in it, again, which is nice, plus I yet again don't really dislike anyone, so, so, so

Ohh Classics with Miss B! She's a sweetheart. Also quite young. Knows her stuff, gets really excited about it, tells us all the good parts. Whispers that she thinks the historian Arrian definitely had a man crush on Alexander the Great. Plus in my first year at THS she was my English teacher and my History teacher, so we know each other quite well!
     The class: I'm of the opinion that half the boys are only in this class because Miss B has the BIGGEST BOOBS. Another of the boys I think is in the class because he still likes me, despite my dumping him. Which is somewhat awkward. Apart from the frankly suspicious boys, everyone else seems all right really. Except one girl, who I dislike, quite stupidly I realise, because she's just...ugh

Art run under the grumpy handling of Mr R: is delightful. He can be super grumpy, but seeing as it's never been directed at me all I really get from him is a sense of 'yay art time!'. He's clever, tells stupid jokes and references fantastic movies/books, and really helps me out in class when I need it. (If I was to have an actual teacher crush it would've been him.) 
     The class: is probably my favourite! Despite there being none of my really close friends in it. Everyone is really nice in it, even though in other classes they can be terrible

Photography is more fun with Miss F! Who is also a sweetheart, and I struggle to not call her by her first name. She's hot off the press, straight from uni (almost) and reaaaally enthusiastic! Encourages my ideas and helps build them up. She also wears pretty chic clothing and does fantastic pieces of art work. 
     The class: Is almost the exact crowd from Art! Well. Almostish. I feel less at home with them, and I do dislike a couple of them, but seeing as they sit across the room from me, I'm fine

Anyway. My tumblr page has been sitting open for the last ten minutes or so, and it's really calling me, so I shall wrap it up here and hopefully will write again soon!

Chocolate Muffins and Apple cake

Is not really what this post is about, but it's a title so I'll just roll with it.

I just realised I've not written on here for two years, which is...wow. I knew it had been a long time but not that long a time. The last time I wrote on here I had just started at high school in year 11, and now I've just started the school year again in year 13! Pretty crazy. 

First day of year thirteen every turned up at school and just milled around awkwardly for a while, not sure what was happening or where they were meant to be, and most of them thinking that the previous year 13's probably weren't telling us something and we were being short changed. Eventually we all got sorted into a semi respectable greeting party for the year nine powhiri and then continued to stand around awkwardly for a while seeing as no one really told us what was going to happen. This surmised the first three or so hours with occasional add ons from nearly every one that
1. The year 9's are so tiny
2. You all look so grown up in your white shirt! 
3. We're gonna rock this school, man!

In fact, some of the year 13's were smaller than the year 9's. Also, dear teachers, on the topic of our grown up white shirts, wait until we've spilled something down that white shirt. Fellow students, I am certain every single year the year 13's announce that they will rock the school, and yet I have not been moved thus far. 

No, I am not starting this year out too cynically.

I'm pretty optimistic about this year, actually! I plan (Oh how often our carefully laid plans so often go astray) to study harder and get the excellence endorsement I was ten credits short of last year. To decide what I actually want to do after I leave high school, because I'm sick of people asking and me replying that I'm going to move to Hogsmede and study magical grass. I want to take up knitting again, as well as writing regularly- hence this post.  

Right now though, I think my apple cake is burning, so I must off.


Yup. School, I've finally started it.
So far I've decided that I abhor math with all the passion in my heart, science can go be chemistry like somewhere else, and lunches can go find other petty b*tches to hang with.
However, Art is fantastic, Maori (The native language of New Zealand) is fun, English is sitting in a library reading good books, and History is good for being a teacher's pet. 
AND, the most amazing part is I've actually spoken, out loud, to other people in my classes. Which is most amazing.
What's really WEIRD though, is this strange habit of school to happen EVERY week day, from eight forty to three thirty, with hardly any excuses!



So I finally decided to actually work on my painting skills, and this is what I turned out.
ART STUFFSCollapse )Also, HI EVERYONE! I'm not posting much, because I don't really have much to post about BUT.
I'm now enrolled at highschool, so next year I'll be joining the rest of the teenagers of the world in uniform wearing and homework.
I've managed to beat my very clever and logical mother at chess four times in a row now, which I am very pleased about about, and she's very annoyed about.
I went ice skating for the second time in my life AND I have still to fall over while skating! Even though my little brother tried to make me fall. (Hah, take that little  brother who zooms around on skates like he was born in them and still falls over! )
I attended a funeral of a man who was like my grandfather, and overdosed on black clothes and soup.
I get to move to the senior class of bellydancing next term! YES! Exceot I still can't hold a shimmy to save my life.
I had to quit Ball room dancing because  I was moved up into intermediate classes, and the time wouldn't it into my schedule. Which I am very peed off about.
And now, maybe I should stop burbling.
Until I canbe moved to post again!
Be blessed in your endevours!

Writer's Block: Homeward bound

How would you describe your dream home?

Large enough to get lost in, and also old.
Huge library and a ballroom.
In the mountains and by a lake.
Windy staircases and huge doors.

Oh dear, I've been tagged.

Right so, thelasteddis tagged me with this meme, 'post ten random facts about yourself'
So, here goes.

1- I have five siblings, two older, tearoha  and maccalla, three younger ones. My oldest youngest is very into making things, my middle youngest is having The Queen of Attolia read to her right now, and my youngest is pretending he's Doctor Who. Day in day out, everyday.

2- I feel guilty if I spend more time with one unanimate object then another. For example, if i've read nothing but the Queens Thief series in the last while I HAVE to go and read some Harry Potter or I'll feel like I've betrayed them.

3- Reading books/watching movies  is bad for me, because if it's a good book/movie I tend to bite my nails. Ergo, I should really only read bad books/movie and my nails would be in perfect condition.

4- I have always wanted to learn Greek so I could say something in Greek and have someone say, 'It's all Greek to me!' I am now learnig Greek, so I'm halfway to that goal.

5- I've recently aqquired an obsession for Doctor Who.

6- I own  blue nail polish.

7- I LOVE dangly earrings and wish I owned more jewellary

8-  I have three plastic swords in my bedroom, mostly because I thought they were pretty.

9- My piano teacher was one of the biggest creeps I've ever met.

10- My feet can't remember an entire waltz unless I have a partner to dance with.

And that's it. Now, for tagging people. I've never liked tagging people so lets just say any one can do it.
Cool, bye guys!

I'm listening to my little sister practice her cornet. Mmmmhmmm.
She's playing tomorrow night for a party at our town band because they wantto show they have little peeps playing as well as old decrepit peeps.
I have to play as well, but luckily not a solo like my sis, Tisha, because I'm actually in the band.

On my party, on saturday night, we played a new version of pass the parcel.
It was more of a hot potatoe game, we chucked the parcel as quickly as possible and when you opened a layer you had to perform a forfit. Like write your name in the air with your bum. Or mime being a daisy growing and then being freaked out by a storm.
It was great fun. And when we got to the end of the parcel we all got bubbles and spent about half an hour blowing (raspberries/pumpkins/squash) bubbles.
And then we ate dinner (toad in the hole) and a duck shaped cake.
Then we watched Doctor Who until . . . er, 1:00ish am.
Then we turned the clock forward to 3:14 and ate pie at PIE TIME. I had a pie that was squared.
And then we finally slept.
 I was so. Damn. Tired.
But we got a silver, which is amazing seeing as the other bands rocked like WHOAH. 

Another really strange thing is that I'm actually wearing a skirt today. For those that don't know- I. Don't. Wear. Skirts. 
And, I've been updating my Deviantart gallary so if anyone's actually interested in strange pictures http://goat-foot-baa.deviantart.com/ 


Yesterday, I went shopping with my nana. Boot shopping. And shopping with my nana is really great because she is a GOOD shopper. Unlike me, I fail at shopping so much. If Idon't have someone pushing me I'm going togive up and say, 'Let's have these.' Even if I hate them.
She took me to five different boot shops, and then, when they didn't have my size in the pair of boots we wanted, she took me to the high street and we found them there instead.
So now I have leather lace up boots. And they're georgous.
And I feel really guilty because they were over $300 and my nana insisted on buying them for me.
(And for added bonus she bought melong fingerless gloves as well)
I love boots.


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